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Boxcar Grain Panel Door




Images from Library of Congress by Lee Russell

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Add just the right amount of detail to more than just your layout! Your rolling stock has a part to play in your miniature empire. Boxcar grain doors have been sought after by model railroaders for years. Add them to boxcar rolling stock, stack them next to tracks, or pile them near a grain elevator. Made from actual laser cut wood, these tiny accessories add the perfect amount of prototypical dimension to layouts everywhere!

Boxcar grain doors were used for containing grain inside boxcars for transit and used well into the late 1980s. All grain hauling railroads in the Midwest, Pacific Northwest, and Canada utilized this method. Back in 1939 sixteen railroads, which included AT&SF, CB&Q, RI, MP, UP, IC, SLSF, MKT, Wabash, Alton, CGW, C&NW, CStPM&O, GN, NP, Soo Line, and Milwaukee Road, set out to divide the expense of grain doors.

The boards would be installed on the inside of the boxcar door and then the grain would be blown into the boxcar over the boards or through chutes in the sides of the boxcar. 40’ boxcars were primarily used, although 50’ boxcars were known to be used if there was a shortage.

This panel method was used in boxcars on narrow gauge lines, short lines, and Class A railroads going back to early railroading when everything was shipped in boxcars. True to their name, grain doors were used almost exclusively in boxcars hauling grain. However, these doors were put into service to haul other supplies like coal, including anthracite; and powdered dolomite limestone.

Options for use:

1)In Boxcar
2)Next to track near Grain Elevator.