N Scale
Right & Left Abutments








1 Right & 1 Left
#015 002 387 008
Measurments: 4.463" Long X 2.769" High

Abutments were used to the left and/or right of tunnel portals to prevent loose rocks and debris from falling.

Abutments can be used as a stepped retaining wall to hold back loose rocks and dirt.

You can leave them bare (like newer wood panels) or paint a gray color (like weathered wood).

They are made out of Basswood. For this reason they can also be easily kitbashed into different lengths and hights by using a sharp hobby knife

Options for use:

1)Abutment for Tunnel Portal (Matched Tunnel Portal #015 002 387 007)
2)Step Retaining Wall

N Scale
N Gauge
1:160 Scale