Z Scale
General Shed with Metal Roof



1 Shed Kit
#010 002 190 004A
Footprint: 2 1/16" L x 15/16" W x 13/16" H

Enhance your layout with this incredibly versatile, historically accurate building. Constructed out of laser etched styrene, this kit is on the cutting edge of model creation! Makes a great plastic kit packed with detail and is sure to have a place in your collection, on your layout, and in your heart.

This General Shed is modeled off of an actual one in the Town of Holland, Wisconsin. It can be used on a farm or by railroad tracks in a yard. The real one was used on a farm for many different uses over the years. From storage, to a chicken coop, etc. It has gone through many changes and different states of repair and disrepair.

Z Scale
Z Gauge
1:220 Scale